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Aori's Facebook Ads Tool: Campaign creation and management

How to use Aori's Facebook Ads Tool to create and manage campaigns simply

Aori's Facebook Ads Tool makes creating and managing Facebook campaigns a faster and smoother process than what can be done in the Facebook's Ads Manager and other 3rd party tools on the market.

Aori achieves this in a few ways, relying on the Asset Libary, the ability to find all possible combinations of the ad components, and the drag-and-drop functionality for images, videos and the text-based ad components. What follows is a description of how these featues work together to create a smooth and time-saving campaign building experience.

Campaign creation

Aori has an Asset Library where images, videos, audiences and templates (which contain the Headline, Description URL and Call-to-Action are stored as a bundle) are stored, and can be quickly added to new campaigns.

From the Asset Library it is easy to drag-and-drop any asset onto a new Ad Card. Ad Cards contain all the required elements to build an ad.

To build an ad in Aroi, add multiple assets to a card and all the variations will be created as different ads.

The result from Ad Card 1 would look like this:

To further expand campaigns, drag and drop audiences to test from the Asset Library.

With two different audiences, it is possible to test the different Ad Cards across the different audiences. Here would be the resulting ads:

And here would be the full campaign, with the two Ad Cards from before with two audiences:

In total, there would be 14 ads created:

Campaign management

Making changes to an Aori-built campaign is simple. In this case, if one audience is removed, all associated ads would also be removed. An audience can be removed in one click.

(red ads are the ones that would be removed)

In the same example, if an image is replaced with a new image, it would be replaced everywhere in just a few clicks:

(green ads are being added)

Another scenario, involving adding one image, would mean the current campaign of 14 ads plus these new ones:

If one Template (Title, Description, URL, CTA bundle) was removed, it would be removed across all ad variations:

If a new Template was added, it would would result in these new ads being made:

That is an overview of how Aori's Facebook Ads Tool makes ads and campaigns. If you have any questions or feedback, reach out via chat!

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