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Create flexible campaigns from scratch and update existing campaigns in a snap
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Build high-performing campaigns faster

Time-saving automation

Create all possible ad variations with a few clicks. Manual work reduced.

Flexible to fit your needs

Scalable and highly-customizable campaigns.

Performance boosting

Through split testing and getting the right ad to the right audience.

For building campaigns

First set up the basics

Create the audience: create a new audience from scratch or import an audience from a previous ad set with our simplified interface.

Upload images or videos: All creative formats are supported.

Build the ad component variations: Write texts for titles, descriptions and set up the CTAs.

Test Audience - 18-65
Age: 18 - 65 Location: NYC Interests: Designers
Test Audience - 35-55
Age: 35 - 65 Location: NYC Interests: Designers
Headline: Great new pen!
Description: Perfect for
illustration and design
CTA: Learn more
Audience 1
Audience 2
Image 1
Image 3

Then build, review and sync

Ads are assembled: Aori will create all possible combinations of your ad components, but you decide which ads you want to put in the campaign.

Ad Sets are assembled: Each ad set will be for a different audience. Decide which ads will be sent to which ad set. Perfect for split testing.

Review the campaign: Get an overview of how the campaign will look before syncing for yourself. Sync to your Facebook Ads 🎉

For managing existing campaigns

Swap ad components in and out at scale

Change one ad component in Aori and it will be changed everywhere in the campaign: Notice an underperforming ad component or ad? Take it out just once in Aori and it will be removed from all ads and ad sets where it is being used.

Quick text, video or image updates: A new ad component will be instantly combined with all other ad components , new ads created and put in the ad sets you decide.

New image
Ad 1

Image 1

Ad 2

Image 2

Ad 3

Image 2

Ad 4

Image 2

Ad 5

Image 1

Ad 6

Image 1

Audience 1

Impressions: 20,700
Clicks: 8,500

Audience 2

Impressions: 51,017
Clicks: 2,880

Video 1

Impressions: 7,015
Clicks: 967

Image 1

Impressions: 12,220
Clicks: 500

Video 2

Impressions: 5,987
Clicks: 90

Image 2

Impressions: 19,000
Clicks: 803

Component 1

Impressions: 10,490
Clicks: 900

Component 2

Impressions: 20,456
Clicks: 1,008

Component 3

Impressions: 14,644
Clicks: 3,419

Full analytics, simple asset management

In-depth understanding of ad and ad component performance: The performance of each ad component is tracked using a linear attribution model: ad components each equally share the credit of the performance of an ad. The performance of full ads is also tracked.

Aori’s Asset Library: Save all your ad components and their performance data in Aori for use in future campaigns .

Better than the alternatives

Aori is a Facebook Ads tool that stands out

Faster than the Facebook Ads Manager

We rethought the Facebook Ads Manager user interface and rebuilt the essential functionality for speed. and ease of campaign creation and management.

More flexible and transparent than Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

FBs Dynamic Creative Ads creates just one ad with all possible combinations , then the algorithm decides which combination performs best and optimizes towards it (like a black box).

Better pricing than AdEspresso

Unlimited ad spend, unlimited sub accounts, faster data update frequency (every 1 minute), and online support in 5 hours (working days). Aori has flat and reasonable pricing: pay per campaign you make or pay one flat monthly fee.

Everything about pricing.

Free unlimited campaign creation in Aori, only pay when syncing to Facebook Ads
  • Per campaign synced to Facebook Ads
  • Single user per Aori account
15-day refund policy
  • Unlimited campaigns synced to Facebook Ads for 30 days
  • $5 for each additional user added to the account
  • Editing campaigns in Aori only during active subscription
  • Priority support
15-day refund policy
$37.5 / mo
  • Customized yearly contracts available based on your individual needs and team size

If you need a hand with your Facebook Ads campaigns, we offer Managed Services as well

Our team of performance marketers will create and/or manage campaigns for you.
Starting from
per month for a dedicated account specialist

Freelancers, agencies and in-house marketers agree, Aori saves time

Made my job 100 times easier. I started using Aori for their SKAGs tools and now they've made managing our Facebook Ads a piece of cake. Highly recommended for small agencies that want to maximize their output and save time.

Alex Ramsey
ATL Production

Really great platform. Offers all of the essential features you get with other platforms but just does it better. I've used a few Facebook advertising tools and never really been fully satisfied. Until now.

Brian Shain

Aori is the best FB Ads tool out there. Why? Because they make products that maximize what FB Ads marketers value most: our time. Aori campaigns are simply faster and more efficient than any other FB tool I've ever used. That is why I use them and will continue to do so.

Garrett Suttonagnus

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